If you have a toilet in your home or business that runs continuously, it can take a toll on your water bill. One thing that you can check before you call a plumber is whether or not the valve is set to the proper fill level.

If the valve is set too high, the water will continue to run into the toilet tank spilling into the overflow tube wasting water.

You can tell if the valve is set too high by lifting up on the float. Lifting up on the float serves to cut off the water coming into the toilet tank. If the water stops running when you lift up on the float, it usually means the float is set too high.

How to Stop a Toilet from Running

There are usually a couple of different ways to adjust the float height depending on the brand of valve. The valve type featured in the video actually has a quick set screw that you turn to adjust the float height. You turn the set screw clockwise to raise the water level and counter clockwise to lower the water level.

The other style of adjust is a silver pinch clip. Locate the pinch clip and press the clip together and slide the clip downward, which will lower the water level.

Call Us for Help to Stop a Toilet from Running

If this adjustment does not work, the valve may need to be replaced. You can call the toilet repair pros at Plumbing Pros USA for help with a running toilet in your office or home. If we can help, give us a call today!