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Water is critical for life, so when the time comes that your well water system goes out – usually at the most inopportune time, you will need well pump repair service for your home. Be sure to phone the well pump experts at Plumbing Pros USA. Your well pump is probably one of the most essential but most overlooked components of your well water system. It works faithfully day and night however, it is mechanical and it will eventually fail. That means you need to have a well pump plumber you can trust to handle emergency well repair service at your residence. Day or night the pump pros at Plumbing Pros USA are available to repair or replace your well pump and have water flowing again in your home in no time. Call us now!

What is a Well Pump and How Does it Work?

Well pumps are machines that use suction and pressure to pull water from a well. Basically there are two main types of well pumps – submersible pumps and jet pumps.

As you might guess, submersible pumps are submerged in the well and utilize pressure to push water up from the well. By contrast, jet pumps function similar to a straw combining pressure and suction to extract water from the well. Most modern well pumps run on electricity. It should be pointed out that well pumps do not run continuously. Instead, water is delivered to a water storage tank where it is kept for use. As the water pressure, in the water storage tank, drops below a preset level, the well pump is activated and new water is added back into the water storage tank.

Is the Well Pump the Only Think that Can Break Down in My Well Water System?

The well pump is not the only component that can fail within a well water system. Another common part to fail is the pressure switch on the well pump. The pressure switch tells the pump to switch on when the water pressure in the storage tank begins to dip. If the well pump pressure switch is not functioning properly, the pump will not know to come on.

A leaking storage tank can present another problem with the well water system. If the tank cannot hold water, the pump will have to run more often, which puts undue stress on the well pump. One other thing that can fail, in a water storage tank, is the air bladder. There is a rubber membrane in the top of a typical water storage tanks that is pressurized and is critical to the tank’s proper operation. If a leak were to develop, in this rubber membrane, the storage tank will fail – causing the well pump to run unnecessarily.

Well pump pressure switch repair and water storage tank replacement are repairs easily fixed by the pump pro at Plumbing Pros USA. We have a team of expertly trained plumbers standing by to assist you if you ever experience a well water system breakdown. So whether you need well pump replacement, well pump repair, well pump pressure switch repair or water storage tank repair and replacement, call the pros at Plumbing Pros USA!

Submersible Pump Repair

Should I Hire a Professional Well Pump Plumber to Repair or Replace the Water Pump at My Home?

You should definitely consider hiring an expert to repair or replace your water well pump for several reasons. First of all, a pump repair pro is able to more accurately figure out whether a pump is repairable or will need to be replaced. On top of that, the majority of homeowners know very little about the type of well pump they currently own or the depth of their well.

If you have a deep well, very likely the pump may be 100-200 feet down inside the well. That means the pipe and pump will have to be pulled out of the well to check the pump. Pulling the pump and pipe out of a deep well is a very difficult job and better left to a professional. In fact, the pump can get stuck inside the well to the point that the well has to be abandoned and a new well has to be drilled.

Finally, well pump problems are usually a blend of electrical and water issues and this is a very dangerous combination for someone who isn’t trained for well pump repair and replacement.

Although do it yourself well pump repair is tempting, it can end up costing the home-owner substantial money in the end. Why not phone the water pump professionals at Plumbing Pros USA and let us fix your water system affordably and quickly the first time? It will save you money in the long run to have Plumbing Pros USA take care of your well pump repair problems!

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What You Can Expect From the Top Well Pump Repair Service Company

Whenever it comes to well pump repair service, Plumbing Pros USA is the well pump repair company to phone when your well water system is broken down! We also know that your water well pump is almost certainly going to go kaput when you do not expect it and at the absolute worst possible time, so it is a good idea to have a relationship with the premier well pump repair contractor in the area – Plumbing Pros USA. Our water pump repair techs are ready to roll night or day to assist you with emergency well pump service, shallow well pump repair, deep well pump repair, well pump replacement and well pump repair. Call us now!

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